Saturday, November 29, 2008

Come down to our farm and dance with us! 1st scroll down to the bottom and shut off the Farmchick Tunes player!! Enjoy!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving.....

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It's almost Thanksgiving!! WHAT??

Is it just me or did November fly by wayyyy too swiftly? I am having guests for Thanksgiving Dinner and I am way behind on my preparations. The Christmas openhouse went great and we had a wonderful time. I am looking forward to our next openhouse which is Dec 5 and 6. It is fun to sell a lot of things but more fun to just be with friends.

I had intended to post several recipes throughout November that could be used for your Thanksgiving meal but as I said time just got away from me. I am going to post one recipe tonight though and hope to post several good ones throughout December that can be used for your special Christmas Dinners.

Frozen Cranberry Salad is a favorite in our family and my kids would be VERY UPSET if I did not make it for our Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinners. I only make it twice a year because it has whipping cream in it!! It is very delicious I think you will love it.

8 ounces cream cheese, softened
2 teaspoons white sugar
1 (16 ounce) can whole cranberry sauce
1 (8 ounce) can crushed pineapple, drained
1 cup chopped walnuts
1 cup heavy whipping cream
1/2 cup confectioners' sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Mix together cream cheese, butter, sugar, cranberry sauce, pineapple and nuts. Set aside.

Whip heavy cream with powdered sugar and vanilla until soft peaks form.
Fold into cranberry mixture.
Now you can put it in a loaf pan, freeze and then slice it. I like to put my
salad in a pretty bowl, freeze and let my guests scoop out as much as they want. That's it....simple yet delicious.

Frozen Cranberry Salad...
WILL be on Farmchick's Thanksgiving table on Thursday!!!



Thursday, November 20, 2008

Still Here.....making soy candles and such for the Christmas openhouse

Hello to you all....I thought I better do a quick post or you might stop visiting me!! I am still busy working on stuff for our Christmas Open House. I just have a few last minute things to get done. I say it's a few last minute touches but I am sure that it will take me hours!! I do all my crafting things in between being a Mom and Farm wife....and I am POOPED! My kids and hubby are most important so I don't like to take too much time away from them! We are still harvesting sunflowers so I think you get the picture that things have been busy! I will leave you with a few pictures of what I have been up.

My chapsticks are all poured and labeled but still need to be packaged in a

little bag with pretty ribbon!

My candles are all poured, labled and priced! They are ready to GO!

Fixins are ready to go...I will package a few but leave most

in big tubs to be scooped out and packaged as the

customer wants them.

For now I must run and get everything ready to go!!!!

Have a great weekend everyone...I will be able to stop by and visit after this weekend!

Until next time...................



Friday, November 14, 2008

Candles and Moose!

Hi everyone. No...I have not forgotten about you. I have been busy getting ready for an open house craft show. It's called Christmas on the Prairie and it is loads of fun. I have been making candles and so far I have 110 made! I also have been doing a few other crafts but they are not complete yet.

This is a picture of a few of the candles that I have put in my candle cupboard so far. I use this to display my candles. It is not what you call handy to move so my my Farmer lugs it around for me when I have a show. Isn't he sweet? :) I am thinking about painting it a different color but I have not had the time to do that yet. I still have more candles downstairs in my shop that need the wicks trimmed and covers put on. I have not put on any labels yet so those will need to be printed. I have a ton of things to do in a week.

We have not been in the field to harvest sunflowers since our snow storm...until today. They are doing some combining as I write this. I am not needed now so I get to stay home this evening.

Remember the field of sunflowers behind our house? Well that has been combined and it is just stubble now. This is what is roaming around in that field now.

MOOSE! There are three of them but we only captured two. They were too far away and moving to get a good picture. They enjoy eating the seeds that have fallen to the ground. They are huge and you would not want to encounter then when out on a stroll We have several different small herds of moose around here this fall. The other day we had three up by our semi in a different field that we were harvesting sunflowers in before the snow. I thought that a picture of the moose with our truck would be a great shot but they were gone by the time I went home to get the camera! Darn it!

Well, I better get going for now. I hope to visit you all soon and get caught up on what you all are up to!! Have a great weekend and remember to leave me a message if you stopped by! To all of you new folks that have left me comments I will stop by your place soon thanks for stopping by. Have a great weekend everyone!


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Tuesday, November 11, 2008



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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Come visit!!!

Okay, so I have been gone for a LONG time

and I am really starting to miss you all!

So, come on over and visit me.

That's it....don't let a little snow stop you!

Oops!! I guess we have not had

the time to shovel our steps yet!

I thought we could sit around

and sip some yummy hot cocoa!

Not here though, right???

So, incase you have not figured

it out we are having a snow storm.

I was not ready for it. I have not

even put away my pots or

yard things yet. Worse yet,

we are not done harvesting

our sunflowers. It would have

been really nice to get done

before the snow but that's

farming! You have to live with

mother nature!!

I am going to try to visit

all of you tonight or tomorrow

morning. Those of you that

asked me questions..I am

sorry that I have not gotten

back to you yet but I will!

Thanks for stopping by

and remember to leave

me a comment so I

know you were here.


Awhile back my friend Lisa,

from Cranberry Flats gave me

an award and I feel terrible that

I am just getting it posted!!!

Lisa is just the sweetest gal so

you really must stop in and visit

her at her wonderful blog!!

She honored me with the

"A perfect blend of friendship award'

I love it as the steaming hot

mugs ---mugs you could

sit around and enjoy with friends-

wouldn't it be fun if all of us

blogger friends could get together

and drink coffee together?!?!?

Maybe someday huh???

Thanks sorry it took

me so long to post this!!!

Good bye for now!