Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Garlic Infused Pork Loin

If you want to try a very flavorful Pork Loin try

Garlic Infused Pork Loin.

All you need is a few cloves of garlic,
cracked pepper, kosher salt and of course a pork loin!
Oh and meat thermometer wouldn't hurt either.

First you take the roast and place it in the baking dish.

Then you peel and sliver some cloves of garlic

however many you like. A lot makes strong

garlic flavor a few of couse, makes the more

subtle garlic flavor. Your choice!

Now take a sharp knife and cut a slit that is

deep enough for the garlic sliver to be

inserted into the roast. Like this.

Now insert the garlic into the roast.

Push the garlic all the way into the meat.

Place as many slivers of garlic into the

roast as you desire. I put in about 6

slivers into my roast. Now all you need to do is grind

pepper on ALL sides of the roast and sprinkle salt on

All sides. You are now ready to throw it in the oven.

Preheat your oven to 400 degrees.

Stick a meat thermometer into your roast.

Put the roast into the oven and

turn the temp down to 200 degrees. This is

a 5 pound roast so I will cook it slowly for about

5 hours or until the meat thermometer

says it's done!

Garlic Infused Pork Loin...

with wildrice stuffing, broccoli and apple sauce.

That's what's for supper in Farmchick's kitchen tonight!




Blogger Naturegirl said...

I don't eat pork myself but it does NOT stop me from cooking it for dear H. and friends..this is a good recipe..sounds foolproof..thank you for sharing!
I'll give the recipe to dear H.
hugs NG

March 3, 2008 at 11:51 PM  

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